Kacie Lambert
Maid of Honor
Kacie is the first love of my life - seriously, I was given 2 soulmates. Kacie and I met when we were 3...or 4...eh, a long, long time ago, and we have been BEST friends since. I think we are psychically linked, because if I think ANYTHING, she KNOWS and is thinking the same thing! Together, we are "Hen & Heifer". I'm Heifer... Basically, this means that every birthday and christmas gift includes at least one riddikulus cow or chicken trinket.

Kacie & I have gone through everything together: Kindergarten, High School, summer vacations, family road trips, college, and after. We've been classmates, roommates, and co-workers.

Our childhoods were filled with sledding in the woods, catching craw-daddies, making homemade slip-n-slides, playing Ray-Man, and slumber parties. Our teen years were filled with 4-wheeling, painting our nails, baking, car-pooling, Moulin Rouge, reading Harry Potter to each other, taking trips "into town", and never-ending sleep-overs. Our adult lives have been filled with cooking, doing each other's hair, shopping, sending hilarious and inappropriate picture messages to each other whilst at work, wonderful disney movie sing-alongs & impersonations, wishing we were wizards, crafting, and as much time together as possible.

Kacie is a beautiful, smart, hilarious, happy, talented, caring, rational and organized woman. She has the biggest heart, but is still skilled at laying down the law! She literally knows at least a little bit of EVERYTHING, so I can always ask her anything and she'll have the answer!

Also, Kacie has the most amazing, shiny hair in the world.
Ailsa Bennett
Ailsa is a beautiful, compassionate, and multi-lingual artist. Sadly, as she was the youngest of our trio of cousins, Ailsa was consistently cast as "Var", the evil foreign bad guy, in all of our make-believe games. I hope this didn't damage you too much, love!

Ailsa and I have a bond that no one else can appreciate. No, really, should you ever try to follow one of our rambling conversations from start to finish you'll think we are...special. My FAVORITE memory of Ailsa was on one rainy Saturday afternoon on the front porch of Mom's house. We were scarfing down an entire box of Cosmic Brownies (hence the nicknames CB Sr. & CB Jr.), quoting Nigel Thornberry ("ro-ro-ROLLING in the dough"), scoping out the "guy in the purple truck", and trying to decide what accent our future husband should have (Max I think "Southern" is just PERFECT!) We always decorated sugar cookies at Grama's together, and played with Little People.

I love her so, so much.
Emma Bennett
Emma is this beautiful, smart, laid-back, and very environmentally savvy lady. SHE is one of the best parts of my childhood - we were inseparable!

Emma, Ailsa, and I made up a cousin trio dubbed "The Gurls", and practically grew up together at Grama & Grampa's house in NC. As the middle of the bunch, Emma was, and still is, the calmer and more quiet of the 3 blondies, but she was also the most tricky, and the most danger-seeking of us too! My best memories of Emma include crab apple wars, building sheet forts, and playing dress-up at my grandparents' house. I look back onto the crazy dangerous things we used to do... like jumping off the playhouse onto the trampoline, or flying upside down on the zippy slide, or twirling on the parallel bars, riding toy cars down the sidewalk hill... and OH MY GOD, it's a wonder we're still alive! I'm (obviously) glad we are though, because I love this girl with all my heart!
Savannah Cobb
From Jamie:

One of the best things I'm getting from our marriage (other than Max of course) is Savannah! She is going to be my SISTER, and I LOVE her - YAY!

I remember the first time I was going to meet Max's sister, I was terrified. I was just sure that she wouldn't like me or would be dull or mean or crazy, and this was just going to suck! Oh contrare! Savannah turned out to be this brilliant, beautiful lady that was SO much fun! She is vibrant, like-able, and has such a ridiculous set of talents, hobbies, and friends that you just want to be around her and be happy.

From Max:

Savannah (a.k.a. lil' sis) has benefited greatly in life from having 2 older brothers who were generally pains in the ass. I mean seriously, we taught her to be aware of life's dangers by explaining all the various monsters under the bed, in the closet, in the toilet bowl, etc. Then we taught her that physical attachment is unhealthy by claiming eminent domain on her toys (purely for professional purposes). Now she's really turned into a stand-up gal who at 21 years of age is worldly and wise far beyond her years. You might say, nearly to that of 27 years, even? You're welcome!
Maggie Lyons
I'm inheriting the best sister-in-law EVER! Maggie is gorgeous, fun-loving, has this infectious smile, seriously charismatic, a dare devil, and maybe a little bit crazy (j/k)! She has this amazing singing voice, and and even more impressive song writing ability! (Seriously though, look her up!)

EVERY TIME I'm around Maggie, she turns it up about 1,000 notches and makes everything better, funnier, and more memorable. I think Maggie is like a top coat to wherever she is - she just envelopes her space and people with happiness. I love her.
Marianna Taylor
Marianna is this beautiful, true, insightful and talented woman that grew up as one of Max's friends. Once I met her though I immediately decided that I needed to steal (or acquire) her as MY own friend. ;) You see, Marianna just knows things. It's like she really sees things and people and just understands them on a primal level. (I'm not kidding, I think she probably knows what I'm doing as I type this!)

Plus, shes a crazy talented jewelry designer & artist. Marianna also has this uncanny ability to make you want to smile. For instance, whenever you look at her, she's ALWAYS got some type of inside joke going on in her head and a smirk on her face. You just KNOW what shes thinking and you have to laugh too!
Taylor Ridley
Taylor is one of my bestest friends! She is super smart and crazy business savvy, and I just know she's going to rule the world some day. Seriously, if not the world, than she'll at least be a corporate rockstar one day soon. She has the most amazing home (her decorating skills put HGTV to shame) and she truly is the best and most accommodating hostess I've ever encountered. Plus, she's beautiful - I mean check out those eyelashes! I also think that she has super powers! She sees, knows, and understands everything that is going on around her and with the people around her at all times. There is no one as observant and compassionate as Taylor.

Taylor is ALWAYS ready and down for whatever! Drinks? Which type of wine do you want! Dinner? Of course! Pool party? Bring your suit! Nail Salon? Already made the appointment! Cabo? Flights are booked! Waffle House? Well, naturally! I really believe that I was just meant to meet this amazing woman and my life is so much richer and complete with her in it.
Dylan Cobb
Best Man
Dylan and I have been kicking it together since we were actually kicking it together, in our momma's belly! Following our escape from the womb, we have been inseparable and basically #killingit all the time. It has been our life's mission to prove that 2 heads really are better than one, and I think we have finally succeeded! In fact, Dylan has even done very impressive things with his life despite being the slightly less intelligent twin! What an inspiration to us all!
Steven Bond
Steven (a.k.a. Ste-dogg) is the original gangster of this crew. We have been kicking it since 3rd grade and everyone knows that deserves respect. Steven lives in Phoenix now and is currently training for the Wild West desert mudder. He maintains his focus by eating live scorpions for breakfast, milking his own rattlesnake venom, and wrestling wild javelinas in the bush. If you don't believe me, challenge him, and make sure yo peoples is there to see it!
Joseph King
Joseph (a.k.a Ernie) is the King of Sparkle City. The last of our crew still reppin' tha Burg, Joseph keeps me current with the word on the street. So whenever I come back to visit, I still get mad respect. For example, I know all the down homies in S-burg who can do my taxes or finance a heavy equipment loan. That is some grown man swag right there.
Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor is da homie fo life. While Ben and I have been keeping it real since grade school, it was after college and during grad school that Ben, myself, and Jamie started keeping it "really real". To understand the difference between "real" and "really real", you just had to be there. Speaking of had to be there, Ben remembers everything that we have ever done. Ever! So he is like my walking memory bank of funny stories. Now that's some Gangsta memory yo.
Andy Wilson
Behold my Lord Andy Wilson. The rock! The hard place! Like a wind from Gelderland, he sweeps by! Blown far from his homeland in search of glory and honor! We walk in the garden of his turbulence!

Andy Wilson (a.k.a. BoShanks Rappaport) deserves the most epic of introductions. A fast comrade since the grad school years, Andy's friendship is rivaled only by his fencing prowess and mastery of ancient Chinese fángzhōngshù. If you get the chance, ask him for his Texas megachurch pastor impression. You will not be disappointed.
Andy Frick
Andy Frick is tha best. Who? Andy! Why? Cuz he da best! He's not internationally known, but he's known to rock a "Powww!!!" louder than you've ever heard. And how can I forget the best damn "Hot Haaaaam Sandwich" ever made? When I get to missing those college days, I just sing to myself "If you're lost and you look then you will find Andy....time after time" Yes, we continue to cross paths with Andy, especially on our international travels where he is often disguised as a hungry monkey, the big bad wolf, a spitting camel, a gargoyle's ass, Wiley's beans and peas, and many more to come. Andy, we look forward to seeing you on the honeymoon!
Daniel Haskell
Daniel Haskell (a.k.a. Dapper Dan Man) is the realest of the real. Following his passion for Xtreme sports and the outdoors, Daniel moved out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming a few years back. Between river guiding in the summertime and snowboard instructing in the wintertime, Dan is #winning at life. Oh, and did I mention he has great hair? That's some dapper mountain steez yo.
Chip Ridley
Chip Ridley (a.k.a my brother from another mother) has been securing his position in the Cobb family for as long as I can remember. When we first met at Hillbrook Little League baseball, Chip's "hot-shot" ways didn't get much love from the peanut gallery, but nevertheless, we still had to respect the Skillz! Years later, Chip decided it was time to take our friendship to the next level, and he refused to leave out house for the entire 11th grade Christmas break (oh, his poor mother!) Now that I have moved back to SC, I have been reunited with my brother, and once again, Chip is refusing to leave my house. But you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way.
Greg Weneck
Father of the Bride
I love my Daddy! My relationship with my Dad is wonderful and we talk all the time about EVERYTHING! He is this motivational, happy, insightful, passionate, and God loving man. He taught me how to cut the grass, make spaghetti, and drive a stick shift. He gave me my taste in music and instilled in me the belief that I can do anything. He taught me how to be non-judgmental, generous, understanding, how to love without holding back, and to never get a "big head". He taught me to ask questions and seek the truth. He gives life to stuffed animals better than Jim Henson, and never ever tired of playing barbies, or dancing around the house with me. I'll always be his little girl!
Lea Shepard
Mother of the Bride
My Mom is my favorite woman. She is beautiful, strong, passionate, loving, and so very, very capable. She is a grower, a horseback rider, a crafter, a baker, a builder, and has gypsy in her blood. She is generous, funny, patient (even if she doesn't think she is), and supportive. Like my Grampa, she is constantly on the move and always has some new project in the works. There isn't anything my mother can't do herself, and she taught me everything she knows. She taught me how to bake, be efficient, and do any kind of around-the-house projects there are! From her, I learned to value myself most, not to put stock in other people's harsh words, and to never think yourself above anyone. No matter what, I know that my Mommy will always love and believe in me.
Shannon Shepard
Father of the Bride - Part 2
Shannon Shepard is a true blessing to my family. He has been a part of my life since I was 12, when my little brother was his cub scout! Now, I'm lucky to have him as my step-father. But that is misleading - he is an amazing man that loves my mother, my family, and I more than I could ever hope for. He was truly meant to be in my life and I love him.
Dalton Foster
Bride's Oldest Brother
D-Man, or D, was my first sibling and has a special place in my heart for that. I remember holding him for the first time when I was 7, grimacing, and thinking "WHAT am I supposed to DO with him?" Dalton was sweet, adorable, and quiet as a kid and we did and played everything together. Unfortunately for him, that meant he was also subjected to various girly activities such as dress-up, nail polish, and barbies! Well, it must have worked because he grew into this dark and handsome man. Now he is the happy, quiet observer who sees all and misses NOTHING. He also has a serious sweet tooth! He started out preferring maple syrup on his pacifier and now eats all the top crust off all the pies!
Gregory Weneck
Bride's Middle Brother
Gregory was the most talented and charismatic child I've ever met. One time, I remember walking up the stairs to my bedroom and hearing "The Fellowship of the Ring" on the TV. As I got closer, I also heard this perfectly inflected, enunciated, and exact voice-over coming from a pile of toys on the carpet. 5 year old Gregory has somehow learned every word and sound effect from that movie (and others) and was quoting it as he played by himself. This talent is by no means his only one, because he also plays the cello and can still quote everything he's ever heard, but I guess it's the one that I remember most. Gregory is now a funny, clever, and handsome man that loves to laugh and entertain.
Bryson Foster
Bride's Youngest Brother
Briar is my littlest brother, but OMG he isn't so little anymore! Bryson was a happy, hilarious, giggling ball of blonde boy. He loved to laugh, sit in kitchen drawers, ride on the dogs, and LOVED it when Kacie pretended that she was going to "throw him away". Being the youngest, Bryson was always destined to grow up faster than I wanted, and I miss his blonde curly cues. He has always lived life at approximately twice the speed of light, blasting through games, toys, and the house like a tornado! Now he's this tall, handsome, 16 year old, with a deep voice and a driver's license - WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?
Maggie Weneck
Bride's Sister
Maggie is my only sister and is therefore extremely precious to me. She is this beautiful little girl and is so full of spunk, free spirit, and silliness. (She loves to pretend she's shy, but that isn't just isn't true!) Maggie is sweet, smart, and an insanely good dancer! There must be something about the name Maggie, because those women are always beautiful, lively, and just draw you in!
Sandy Herman
Grandma - Mother's Side
Grama, or "Moo Moo", taught me so much that there is always at least one thing every day that reminds me of her. She taught me how to sew, how to listen, and how to be kind. She taught me how to make coffee (and drink coffee), plan a garden, and give new life and purpose to everything. Growing up, if I ever messed up or spilled anything, she just told me that "accidents happen". My grama is this positive force that makes you feel safe and loved. She is an amazingly strong woman who unerringly lets you that it's ok to be you, and that no, you aren't crazy.
Gayle Herman
Grampa - Mother's Side
My Grampa, or "Bop Bop", is sweet, resourceful, patient, busy, social, and happy. He knows how to do EVERYTHING! He taught me how to make sugar cookie frosting, how to use a vice and a grinder and a shovel (really any type of tool), how to lay bricks & tile, how to properly dance to Elvis (with the dog), and how to speak "John Wayne". Bop Bop is the reason I am so crafty and creative (Thank you)! He is this great big man with a great big smile and a great big heart.
Beverly Kiefer
Grandmother - Father's Side
Grandma Keifer is a sweet, strong, stylish, and supportive woman. I don't know how she did it, but she raised my dad and 4 siblings, and (if I say so myself) they all turned out pretty fantastic! Grandma still lives in Pennsylvania, where my family grew up. Go Steelers!
Dave Weneck
Grandfather - Father's Side
Grandad has this laugh that I would recognize anywhere! He is an amazing wood worker, and can craft any toy you can imagine - I specifically remember a small wooden duck on wheels that I particularly loved! There is no denying that he passed his skill with his hands down through my family! He collects model trains, J. R. R. Tolkien, and cats. Especially cats, they're everywhere (I must have inherited that!)
Lois Weneck
Grandmother - Father's Side
Grandma Lois is a warm, happy, sharp, and loving woman. I will forever remember how she smells - I don't know what it is, but it is homey and spicy and sweet... maybe cloves and coffee? She has the greenest thumb I've ever heard of and is the proud owner of a MASSIVE fern that is older than I am! (Her secret is to water it with tea!) With Grandma Lois, there is never a shortage of snacks, coffee, hugs, or concern. I've always known that she loves me and for that I'm beyond blessed.
Libby Cobb
Mother of the Groom
Libby Cobb (Mom) is a sweet, loving, and devoted mother, who is equally loved by her children. She brightens the lives of everyone around her, including my own. My mom taught me how to laugh off the little things and have fun every day. I also think that I get a big part of my creativity, sense of humor, and outgoing personality from her. I probably don't say this enough, but I love my Mom very much and want her to know that every day. She is appreciated in so many ways!
Jack Cobb Jr.
Father of the Groom
Jack Cobb (Dad) deserves a congratulations for getting me this far. He also deserves some credit himself, for making it through me and my brother with only a few gray hairs (I insist that the rest came from Savannah!). The older I get, the more I realize what a great childhood we had, and I owe a lot of that to my Dad. He made sure that my brother and I didn't miss out on the things that boys should do when they're growing up. I will always remember the early morning fishing trips, snow skiing adventures, shooting/hunting trips, weekend golf lessons, boat outings, camping trips, and so much more. Thanks Dad, for helping to make those years great!
Tom McAbee
Grandad - Mother's Side
Tom McAbee (Granddad) has always played an important role in my life, and is someone I look up to as a strong leader and a pillar of the family. He takes a big interest in the future of his grandkids, and that means a lot to all of us. The best memories with my Granddad are times that we spent fishing together on Kiawah Island. From sharing fishing tips in our childhood to sharing life's wisdom in our adulthood, Granddad has always been someone who we count on for guidance and support. Thanks for all that you do!
June McAbee
Grandma - Mother's Side
June McAbee (Grandma McAbee) has always been a very special person in my life. As a kid, days with Grandma meant fun, games, sweets (after home cooked meals), and presents. Yes, we were spoiled rotten - but isn't that what grandmas are for? No matter how old I get, I will never grow out of wanting to spend some quality time with my grandma. And I'm pretty sure she will never stop doting on her "grandbabies". So yea, this just works!
Virginia Cobb
Grandmother - Father's Side
Virginia Cobb (Grandma Cobb) has always made time for each of her grandchildren, which is pretty amazing considering there are 10 of us! (I hope I counted right!) She has a great sense of humor and continues to brighten my life with all her funny stories. Most recently we heard about when she and Granddad Cobb went to the playboy mansion together back in the 1960's. If anyone comes across those pictures please let me know! Grandma is a lot of fun to be around and I look forward to seeing her again soon!